Bounce Rate and How Important it Is for Business Websites

For those of you who are running a business by relying on the website as a tool for promotion, you are certainly familiar with the term bounce rate, a term that is also used in website SEO. If you don’t understand what a bounce rate is, we’ll try to explain it for you in this article.

Bounce Rate Is
In simple terms, bounce rate is a metric used to measure the number of visitors who open a website page, but don’t take the next action they should take, and leave the page immediately.

Is Bounce Rate Important for a Website?
Looking at the explanation of the bounce rate above, is it important to pay attention to this calculation? Basically, the bounce rate serves to tell you about the quality of a page on your website. The higher the bounce rate number, it can be said that the quality of the page is poor. Conversely, if the value is low, then the page is of good quality.

Although it is calculated automatically by Google Analytics, you can also calculate the bounce rate yourself with the formula:

number of single page visits : number of visitors x 100%.

For example, your website gets 1000’s of traffic and has 500 visits that only open one page. So, it can be said that the amount of bounce rate obtained reaches 50%.

What Causes a High Bounce Rate?
There are several possibilities for a page to get such a high bounce rate. The first possibility is because the content presented on the page is not what the reader wants, so it makes them not interested, and then decides to leave the page.

The second possibility, it could be that the people who come to your website are people who don’t like the content or appearance on the pages they visit, so they decide to switch to other websites.
How to Know the Bounce Rate of Your Business Website

There are several ways you can do to find out the amount of bounce rate your website gets. One of them is by using Google Analytics. Here’s how to see it:
1. Make sure you have connected the website to Google Analytics. Then, go to the service and click on your website. On the front page view, the total bounce rate of the entire website is visible.
2. If you want to know more about the total number, click the Behavior menu. After that, click Overview. Here you will see a summary of your website’s performance, including the bounce rate.
3. You can find out the number of bounce rates for each page on your website by clicking on the link of the article you want. Later you will see the number of bounce rates obtained by the page along with some other data.

There are several simple ways that can be done to reduce the bounce rate, including increasing the quality of the content on your website, using appropriate pop-up ads, choosing article topics that are relevant to your web niche or you can also create content that matches the intense search of readers. So that your website or site can provide the best experience for visitors, make the following settings on your website.

That’s a brief explanation of the bounce rate and some things you should pay attention to to lower it. By paying attention to these numbers and making a number of improvements, the quality of your business website will increase.